Regret Regarding Words

It was one year ago, December 31, 2013, on New Year’s Eve that One Silken Shoe, this journal about the regrets in my life, spilled out in words written in silence with hope of promise and acceptance.

Words, words, words, I’ve written thousands of them this past year and I have thousands more swirling around in my head that I want to share with you my loyal readers and friends that I only connect with through your words posted as comments on this site. And I truly thank all of you who have taken the time to post your kind responses and critiques to my thoughts put into words as an exploration of my living and aging.

In truth, I have not written in a while due to the avalanche of words called “spam” that have overwhelmed my site of late. Hours and hours of my time have been devoted to a battle that I had not expected in writing my journal regarding the pain and pleasure of life and the regrets that I recognize and pay homage to and the promise that I search for on a daily basis. Hovering over my “Shoe” every 4-5 hours was the counterattack that kept my baby safe, while reading your kind comments and deleting the mounting spam. However, with the family requirements of the holiday season shopping, gift giving and meal preparation and let us not forget the eating, I have not had the time to write about or protect my beloved Shoe. After two days absence, I opened One Silken Shoe to find almost four thousand spams waiting to attack my baby. Your five hundred comments were there as a kind offset and I am truly thankful to you for that balance. As my brother would say, “to make a long story short”, I have attempted to close comments to avoid the overwhelming spam.

However, I did open a Twitter account: One Silken Shoe @regretspromises. Remember, I am an older lady and I am not quite sure how Twitter works. My granddaughter, who is my savior in Internet things, is coming over tomorrow and she will give me a lesson on how to use Twitter and how to maybe place One Silken Shoe on Facebook. So, bear with me as I add and transition my words to other forums and options for us to communicate.

May you all have a Happy 2015 New Year, with blessings of good health, prosperity, happiness and joy. And, I further pray that the New Year brings good fortune to my search for answers to my questions regarding my regrets and how to make transparent the hope and promise of this process called life.